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Guided Tour of the Underverse ?

In this context the word Underverse has a certain meaning defined by the actual experience of it. Obviously people define things in different ways and that's important to consider from the outset. However when an unusual word comes to mind to describe an experience, energy or place as in this situation, I like to web search and see how it's also being used.

What we are looking at is Old English and Germanic. Bearing in mind the Celts were painting their faces blue until the Romans came, the UK isn't the best place say high literature. Fers is verse in Old English. Since Universus is Latin. Germanic from Latin may be closer to source.

Under is not to hard to fathom. Under verse means lower verse in poetry of music, but this is not that. Versus can mean "against, turned." The past participle of  the word (vertere) means to "turn, change, overthrow or destroy."( Ref. 1)

Forgetting definitions and getting back to the experience of it. This realm is violent. In fact it is so violent it is beyond the concept of violence. It could perhaps be described as "the root of violence."  If you look at a tree, you don't see under the ground, the mud and the roots.

The comparison is valid in many ways but for a moment look at the nature of violent people. A person may make their mind hardened, may make their body hardened in order to attack others. Let's say this hardening takes place to not look at a weakness or issue within themselves.

Like my advice or not, doubt I'll flex over it. However, this is a dangerous realm. The nature of it lies in the soul.

There's a movie, Chronicles of Riddick and the Underverse is central to the plot. The leading characters souls move separately from their bodies. Fundamentally though, this is not taking place at mind level, it is below mind level and it is raw nature.

A certain type of movement is required then. If you look at Matrix movies, there is also a certain type of movement, an energy movement for navigating mind. Energy, even if you do Chi Kung, it's nature is slightly external and it comes and goes. Get sick and it goes, for maybe a year even.

This isn't a direct route to getting somewhere, so I'm going to deviate and talk about why there may be structural differences between myself and others that it may not be a good idea to ignore in relation to this, the mind in terms of what it will handle and mediumship.

These last three coincide from when I was about 17. In terms of mediumship that's not what this is, mediumship is a spirit realm permeating mind. A powerful medium could appear as a strong man on a white horse. The image of strength doesn't work in the Underverse though.

Mediumship first raised it's head when I went on dialysis. No kidneys, no energy, you're dead. It's a simple as that. Not dwelling on that something happens before you go on dialysis .... it's a sort of leading statement perhaps but what I'm talking about though is some rather unpleasant surgery.

Without the medical blurb you get your arm sliced open to make big veins and without general anaesthetic. It's called a fistula and the first one didn't work. It's horrific. When I went home and my girlfriend saw it, I didn't see my girlfriend again. I suppose the dried and semi dried blood and stitches over a huge wound all nicely displayed under a large transparent plastic dressing was  ... hard to handle.

It takes certain thing, and I wouldn't like to specify entirely, to deal with the Underverse. My point then in relating the AV Fistula is don't take this lightly or be mistaken into thinking you can deal with things you've never come up a against.

It's possible to look at this in terms of therapy maybe, resolving conflicts a mind level by attacking the root in the Underverse. In this instance one attacks the root of the person or weird entity causing the problem. This is where the idea that violent people are weak internally comes into play. They are also weak in the Underverse. They lack character, strength in their soul and are extremely vulnerable in this realm.

My views on therapy may not be entirely mainstream.

However, mainstream psychology doesn't want to see the causes of say mental disturbance as being real in the manner that the person or patient experiences it. Mental illness is just as it is in front of you. If someone looks possessed they probably are.

A problem taking a while and it's own path to clear doesn't negate this view. Psychiatrists will  go yes we acknowledge the person is experiencing something, discomfort. Another approach is talk through childhood causes. If the energy is still present that caused the childhood abuse or trauma then how will that necessarily help.

To be fair though, my interests are not in those with severe mental problems. Underverse is essentially a meditation in this respect. It would be considered the practice of non intent. It is possible to taste the soul of someone wishing you or causing you harm.

Beings, people, entities cause damage because it lets them steal energy, they don't what to give up that free energy. This isn't the only method, I have loads of methods. Postural Chi Kung and split awareness work in terms of shifting an energy off people. Energy Perception and personalised meditations work on a reset and mind level.

Finally I think it's worth mentioning that the initial introduction to this method is extreme and dramatic in terms of our responses. With time and practice the responses become more measured.

ref 1. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/versus