Split Awareness
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Split  Awareness Technique

I’ll start this paper by considering the distinction between internal and external aesthetic. In the the teaching of Split Awareness this is the clear demarcation point separating it from Chi Kung, Tai Chi or even the energy perception methods from which it originated. So when one looks at somebody and thinks their posture and therefore  well being could be better, consider this as being external aesthetic.

When a person does the technique sufficiently or correctly enough, however one wants to describe a positive result, one may expect to see a deity within the structure. This is internal aesthetic. I call it internal aesthetic because it no longer has any connection to me teaching it, it is wholly the person doing this themselves. Of course every one I’ve taught this to has their own opinions of it. The method of teaching is to let the mind navigate it’s way to the awareness.

Chi Kung itself as a practice is highly conflictual. It always appears that there is a conflict between the awareness and the mind yet somehow over the years it’s possible to get the separation between the concentration and the awareness that defines Chi Kung. This doesn’t mean that Chi Kung is Split Awareness though. Chi Kung is just the fuel that has propelled it. More specifically thirty years of Chi Kung is a method of navigating the mind back to the awareness state. As it turns out, there is no conflict between one’s own mind and awareness state. That conflict is external.

My experience would suggest that there are two minds to consider here. One mind is a group mind or collective consciousness shared with others. That aspect may well not like internal development. Then there is a a person’s own mind which I’d call subsonic mind. This subsonic mind can connect to whatever you like, across boundaries.  I would describe Split Awareness as ‘The Key to the Universe’ but bear in mind I like esoteric translation.

Once the awareness state is achieved the collective state of mind is no longer present. Effectively one drops below it. Interesting, as pointed out to me by someone, all the busy-ness of what people get up to disappears. All the things that occupy the mind are gone. What is left is this subsonic mind and the choice to connect to whatever you like. This choice aspect is described in the video.

Many ideas start to arise from practising this technique. Without it, how would it be possible to come up with the notion that awareness state is the wellspring  of intellect. It’s possible to write more about this technique but grasp this one idea  …  increase and experience the awareness state and this will increase (nourish) the intellect.  

Beyond that, it generates sentience. Kd.