Heuristic Latency
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Heuristic Latency of Anamorphic Hierarchy

A microcosm of this scenario takes place within an individual also. It rides against the concept of a positivist reduction to functionality approach to psychology since the move to a vertical hierarchy is simply the natural order of things. Indeed the apparent disparate factions are not necessarily anything more than an incremental step towards an end stage. Behavioural sciences with their control and manipulate methodology can only represent the interests one faction since it is self inclusive.  

Behaviourism is a position that exists within it's own set of circumstances. It doesn't seek to understand other perspectives or realise they even exist. If this complete scenario were viewed as a solid lined hexagram, eventually no one line would have any more power, position or sphere of influence than it's place in the whole dictates. Heuristic then is the best overall solution, not the best possible solution for an individual or group, either horizontally or vertically.

The time and way in which disparate factions of society (horizontally spread) will align itself vertically. Max Weber describes the situation of an un-united Germany in late 19th and early 20th C. A single coherent structure anamorphic since for example an ant only sees the elephant, the elephant doesn't see the ant yet both intrinsically connected. The elephant in this example is both a part and the sum total of all the parts, a God Head to some extent.