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What is Tantra ?

To start with this I think it’s important to consider whether traits of what Tantra is have already manifested or been noticeable. Many things develop over time and not until they are formed would one clearly say that this is such and such. I think a person, someone reading this, would have taken steps throughout their life which would lead up to an experience or realisation of Tantra.

Where I’m going with this is that often people become a Buddhist or a Christian or even a parent and all of a sudden that is the only person they have ever been. Really this is just some kind of manifestation of mental illness. Perhaps it’s easy to really like the idea of something but that doesn’t relate to a single ounce of practising a subject. In order to become a Christian perhaps one should have practised being one for 20 years.

Having practised Tai Chi often I’d notice that some people look like they do Tai Chi. This is actually quite perplexing. One of my teachers would just take a hard, point blank stance that even when people exhibit traits of advanced or developed posture it’s just not the case that any internal training is going on. This understanding is required for one’s own training so put in the right amount of effort. There isn’t an automated process.

My introduction Tantra came about from meeting one of the Tibetan Lamas and asking a question of what is the will in relation to energy. What is will energy? I suspect this text could be a vast disappointment to anyone researching tantra in the usual context. This context is more a case of “not sex”. Pretty much anyone could come up with a view of themselves as some sort of sex god, it’s just not very original and kind of sleazy.

It is then the case that in order for something to be tantric, it has to be connection to something external, the ego is not involved. There is no sense of being anything to anybody else. Tantra is awareness. There is a point when at which when sexual energy arises one can let it register with the awareness. The energy just makes the belly warm or something, but it is somehow a qualitative experience.