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Split Awareness Technique

I’ll start this paper by considering the distinction between internal and external aesthetic. In the teaching of Split Awareness this is the clear demarcation point separating it from Chi Kung, Tai Chi or even the energy perception methods from which it originated. So when one looks at somebody and thinks their posture and therefore  well being could be better, consider this as being external aesthetic. When a person does the technique sufficiently or correctly enough, however one wants to describe a resulting end stage, one may expect to see a deity within the structure. This is internal aesthetic. I call it internal aesthetic because it no longer has any connection to me teaching it, it is wholly the person doing this themselves. Of course every one I’ve taught this to has their own opinions of it.  The method of teaching is to let the mind navigate it’s way to the awareness.

I’d like to pose a very abstract thought. What if, the only thing a person can actually experience is awareness state ? Many of the people I’ve taught this to have relayed back to me deep theoretical positions on this exercise, it’s not like most people say that was OK, they don’t. I get lectures on nonduality or it’s limitless nature. These are the ways people express themselves. It’s more complex than one may imagine listening to the differing language that people use. So here I am juxtaposing an experience of the awareness state and the ideas that stem from it contrasted against that experiences based on perception are quite simply not real. I don’t think this is too radical, the term perception as part of it’s own definition does imply this.