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It appears that there are lots of definitions of consciousness which of course is no problem at all but what happens when we start to see academic papers such as quantum physics and consciousness. I’d question consciousness as a unstated foundation for anything else to be true or even for their to be any association. Scientists tend in fact to be the least conscious people in the sense that they are absorbed in what they are doing. Ie not conscious.

I suspect that when many westerners allude to consciousness what they are trying to refer to is awareness state. Awareness state is however just a singularity.

Where I’m taking this it that consciousness is something specific and not a generality. Definitions put forward need to be as a result of that experience. Many theories or paradigms, looked at from a perspective other than their creators own excitement, are just a person wandering around a supermarket putting a bit of whatever they want into the trolley. In art, ideas are pretty much everything but in meditation they are something that one ignores. They are more likely to represent failure than success.  Movement should come from stillness rather than the desire to go somewhere.

I was reminded of a particular definition of consciousness recently when I asked a friend what he thought. I was fairly sure he was about to say God consciousness or Krishna consciousness but he just said it’s something you lose. Of course if a person is looking for a definition that’s external to themselves this will not make much sense. There’s a couple of good reasons to seek knowledge. One would be so make sense of past events, maybe how things fit together with one’s self as a person. The other may be to achieve something in the future, so how to do something.

My friend’s definition is a little emotive because losing something precious is that way. My own definition is rather dull. Consciousness is just the soul mixed in with another energy. The definition has a slight contradiction with the language in as much as I don’t think the soul has energy, hence seeking the connection. It’s debatable what the other energy is.

By the time one notices this perhaps the connection is no longer relevant. Ideas relating to consciousness appear less interesting. Souls do tend to look and feel different, some are beautiful but just for ease consider pale translucent white damp gooey stuff. What late night graveyard movie scenes are made of.