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3 Foot Chi Kung

An artist has many strokes…

There's numerous Chi Kung postures and these are often interpreted in some martial manner. However the origins of Zhan Zhuang are not militaristic but for the health and so different postures will have different results depending on an individuals needs at a specific point in time. It requires a fluid mentality.

Ironically and in the face of common perception of Tai Chi generally this Chi Kung with walking stick is probably the most complex. It's a channelled Zen solution for someone with more structural challenges to their posture. Disability level issues perhaps in the back, hips or legs.

The way to find out what this does is to try it but I'll explain the functional nature as well. For many this type of reduction won't work, for those with a genuine interest it will help to have some counterpoise to nurture the developing ideas of one's own. The stick enables the back or posture to be straight and so it's possible to do good Chi Kung.

This could be referred to as offset mind, a vast extrapolation of offset balance. Offset balance uses the mind to counterbalance an extended and inherently unstable posture. For offset mind, a vast leap forward theoretically, consider that you have two simultaneous postures possible to you, a horizontal shift.

People fall down at this point believing an intellectual shift is required. Actually it's a realisation of awareness, the culmination of experience manifesting as Zen.

Perfection with a walking stick !