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Tai Chi and Qi Gong

There’s lot’s of opinions when it comes to Tai Chi. One of my doctors actually hates it, his beef being that it’s of no cardiac benefit, which is true. Cycling or walking is far better for that. Needs perspective to understand Tai Chi. How much do you appreciate the feeling of the body that you have ? Do you even realise that there is a feeling there, a feeling with movement.

A view of Tai Chi then would depend on how long one has been practicing it, over the years, the view changes. I’d suggest for a beginner a good view would be I like the look of that.

So what is Tai Chi from a more advanced perspective ? I’d often visit Windsor and along with all the tourists I’d look at the Thames and think that’s the River Thames. Yet really the water flowing by would be different water from the last time I visited, in fact it’s different from the previous five minutes. So the water is not the Thames, it’s always changing.

More correctly, it could be said that the river bed or that little bit of carved landscape through which the water runs, it could be said that is the Thames. However that changes also, yet far more slowly. Tai Chi is more like that.

The point I’m getting to however is there are no constants in a changing world.  If someone has a static view of something that is always changing, they are incorrect.

Split Awareness Technique

Tai Chi Cloud is set up specifically to teach an advanced method called Split Awareness.  So what is this about ? Chi Kung is about separating the concentration from the awareness, if the mind is engaged this process is probably not taking place.

Analysing the mind with the mind doesn’t really work. Bit like using a tape measure to measure a tape measure.

Split Awareness on the other hand uses the mind to access the awareness and then split it. The mind aspect in an ordinary sense is not even relevant anymore at this point.  Mind is awareness.

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Tai Chi for health is fairly popular, but then why should tai chi be bad for your health ? It is adaptable though. I’ve seen students whose bodies and sometimes mind’s are in a bit of a mess. People that need Tai Chi understand Tai Chi. Take this exercise to the left. I call it Three Legged Chi Kung. The most subtle understanding makes this exercise very funny and quite profound. If a person is old and the posture all wonky then Chi Kung is harder because it likes good posture for flow. So buck the system, use the walking stick and get instant perfect Chi Kung.

When you look at these words, mind, awareness, consciousness, they are not static objects with a single definitive meaning. Realistically, the realisation of mind or awareness is going to be something that takes you or propells you somewhere. It’s not a pompous pseudo academic conversation piece. Mind is awareness and awareness is perception.

Many effects can be had from this practice including an enjoyable feeling  but it’s main purpose would be to increase the awareness and the result of that is to increase the intellect. To simply abide in Buddha Nature, one could become a Buddhist so there is a very subtle distinction to be made here, yet they are not contradictory.

One of the major factors to realise here is that the correct development of intellect is through awareness. As a view this has very little popularity, let alone the means to achieve it.


Video on Split Awareness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgAxHwwfBgU