Treat Gout Effectively
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The Necessity of Treating Gout Effectively

There's a lot of information online about gout and having gone through several stages of the problem there are a few issues to consider. When people talk about the subject online they are probably going to regurgitate what they've read elsewhere. This makes them look good I guess but in relation to the reality of the situation it comes across to me anyway as being somewhat bone. People express things in a different way when they know the subject they are talking about, for example gout also comes with a fever which makes one feel ill just in itself.

What I really want to look at is the necessity to get the correct medical treatment. This isn't what you'll generally find online as it's the norm to present gout as being treatable with alternative or natural remedies. I'm all for alternative options, as probably are most doctors. It's best to take an interest and do as much as one possibly can to help and improve one's health. However, gout is a substantial illness, it's already very solidly present in the body by the time the symptoms manifest.

How to describe this substantial nature of gout and most illnesses is quite difficult, I don't really have the language to express this precisely but hopefully it's enough to get the general idea across. The implication is that people will say it's possible to cure gout with cherry juice. Cherry juice won't even cure the symptoms of gout let alone the underlying causes. Nor will any of the other remedies that are being suggested as a cure. Don't take this as bad news as I know what it's like looking for a solution to this extremely painful condition.

I've written this article specifically because not treating gout medically has consequences way beyond a swollen limb. Effectively, over a longer period of time the gout gets in amongst the joints. Whether it’s a hand or foot, the gout starts to destroy the limb. Basically one becomes unable to walk. Gout has a very different end game to just a case of parts of the body swelling up (and burning like fire). It may take eight years to do this by which time a lot of tophi will be present.

The usual drug for treatment of gout is Allopurinol and the standard daily dose is 300mg. The way to tell if you're taking the right amount of the drug is whether or not you are still getting gout, its really that simple. Another way is to have a blood test for the levels of uric acid because doctors prefer to go by that in addition to what the patient says to them. There's also implications for the kidneys if there is too much uric acid in the body. If I'd known these things about gout from the outset I'd have taken a different approach. Fortunately with the correct dose the illness reverses to enough of an extent.

In terms of home remedies for gout, trying to manage to situation as such there are a few methods. I do drink a lot of cherry juice but mainly because I like it now. Celery soup appears to have a beneficial effect as does drinking plenty of water, especially when it's hot. Lots of exercise is also good, if there's some gout coming on then a couple of hours can help.

To treat a swollen limb I put ice cubes into a heat seal bag. When the ice cubes melt you don't get water everywhere but more importantly when the bag goes back into the freezer what comes out again is a solid block of ice. These blocks of ice can stay frozen for hours when you go to use them. However because they are so cold it does tend to hurt in the first few minutes.

Basic heat seal machines are not that expensive and the bags of ice are useful for sprains and bruises as well. There are thicker meat packaging bags available on eBay which can last a long time and a ariety of machines. Ice or cold therapy is in itself considered a form of treatment but not so common in the UK outside of sports therapy.