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Chronic Emotional Under Development

This paper could well be a psychology on states of development in children yet it's not, it's about the state of emotional development in the sciences and anyone in society using the term science as a crutch of their infantile mentality. Over the years many people will have talked to me when their emotional state is out of sync. It could be a current situation or something they have lived with for a long time.

These conversations are all personal, they are not case studies. It doesn't have to be just negative though, a few of these conversations are intensely funny. The nature of the interaction is the same either way. This is the main point, it's just a conversation, there is no weird role play. Even if I do use clairvoyance, a person won't notice since it hardly interrupts me having a conversation.

There is an odd fact that we only experience one state of consciousness at a time, if that appears too general than consider how I'm applying it. To take a person's mind state back so they feel as though they were 16 for the sake of example. They won't feel 40 or 16, they will feel one or the other. Because of this, generally people don't contemplate what has taken place, some will puzzle it out though.

I think returning to a state where one feels young, before all the worries, responsibilities, drama and trauma is just a return to awareness state. Potentially the feeling is always there. The contrast then is people wandering around mindlessly with not the faintest idea that awareness level exists. It's as though they are the pilots of a little spaceship in their heads.

So this is chronic emotional under - development. A quick fix is for people that are a tad upset. There is not a quick fix for people that have lived their lives in their heads shut off from the awareness. Without the awareness aspect no experiences are processed, only thought processes take place. The person is left devoid of any experience of the life they are living and in a permanent state of infantile mentality.

In a modern often artificial world people do not always have the emotional framework to deal with something they have experienced, communication and communication skills can deal with this. Alternately for those that have chronic under development there is likely to be extreme reactionary defence mechanisms to maintain their mental status quo. This tends also to be used for game play with others such that they can obtain an advantage.

As a quite deranged emotional technique the person uses science and reason for self legitimisation. Such people would be very good at marking their own exam papers. Indeed the enthusiasm to pass exams could be seen as the incapacity to deal with failure. The reality of forcing children to focus on academic subjects is an case of manipulating someone that does not have the sufficient emotional framework. The circumstances are controlled in order for the manipulation to take place.

Where such people have something to gain they may appear entirely selfless but in fact it's just a void as their thoughts are elsewhere. That void is just a trap for others to fall into. Politicians are a good example this. Also something of a issue if such people are psychologists or worse psychiatrists. The problem is however far wider spread, we live in an ideology of science. A society where chronic emotional under development is not just the norm but the benchmark.