Communication and Association
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Communication and Association

It may appear odd to have communication and association as a heading for one article since the former is a vast subject in itself. However, it's fairly easy to notice that when people communicate they may just relate what is being said as to how they feel or their current circumstances. I'm thinking here in terms of how this may be detrimental rather than productive.

From studying social science when I was younger I like the subject but the language or terminology was difficult. A particular German philosopher Jurgen Habermas had an appeal but was just impossible to read. It's still impossible to read yet all that's being said is people communicate with each other. I can only conclude that it doesn't need a whole new vocabulary to state the obvious. Also it doesn't seem that worthwhile to stare out the window and write about what one can see.

The common experts in the field of communication are those who use it to get what they want, money, sex, control over other people. By the fact that they do get what they want for some reason, unknown to me, they also automatically decide they have awesome communication powers. Simply put I'd reduce such action to vulgar behaviour.

Yet people use language, mobile phones. devices and technology to get what they want at the expense of others. It's nothing new, Marx and Engels called such people petty bourgeoisie.  Can only think of basically everything in terms of themselves. When they don't get what they want from communication it rapidly becomes the other person's failure to communicate that is the problem.

What is the vast expanse of communication then ? When one communicates with someone, on a level ground, there is a beauty and delicacy in the process. The most complex and possibly even ridiculous scenarios can be discussed and unfolded. Though it's nature extends way beyond the human, any skills or abilities have to render back into this human realm.

Often I think of communication in terms of mediumship.The SNU define this within a context of the demonstration of communication with a person or persons that have passed away but continue to exist. If you ask of someone "do you think you have good communication skills ?" and they say yes and feel confident about that then how is it going to be demonstrated ? By ordering pizza ?

I have methods for advanced communication, there is an e-book  on that for those with a serious interest who are happy to pay for some advice. Of course there's all those that want something for free but communication isn't free as such because it requires the input of time and effort, miserly people really don't want to do that. So my advice here is avoid the pitfalls rather than provide ammunition to those constantly seeking it.