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What is Tantra

What is Tantra ?

A short description of Tantra from a simple energy or Buddhist perspective. Click on the  image to follow the link.

Split Awareness

Split Awareness Technique

Paper on  the Split Awareness Technique.

The Reality of Heart Attacks

An article on the reality of heart attacks /angina based on experience. For some things it is going to be necessary to have the right information.

Reality of Heart Attacks


Various articles here, click on the headings or the images to follow the links.

What is Consciousness

What is Consciousness ?

A very simple description of consciousness

Appetite Chi Kung

Appetite Chi Kung

Article on Appetite Chi Kung

3 Foot Chi Kung

3 Foot Chi Kung

Description of the 3 Foot Chi Kung technique, Click picture for article.

Heuristic Latency

The Heuristic Latency of Amamorphic Hierarchy

Reason and Logic

Treat Gout Effectively

The Necessity of Treating Gout Effectively

Article as to why it’s necessary to treat gout medically from the perspective of the long term consequences.

Understanding Samsara

An article that looks at Samsara generally and in relation to three conditions or causes for it to be present as a mind state.

Understanding Samsara Communication and Association

Communication and Association

An article looking into the profound nature of communication as opposed to the vulgar manner in which it is generally abused.